ul. Morawska 3B

Jarosław 37-500, Poland


We have extensive experience in

designing and creating high

quality equipment


Our devices are characterized

by accurate and precise



We meet the agreed

delivery times


We provide our customers with warranty and post-warranty service,

as well as creation of high-class equipment



For years we have been operating in Poland and all over Europe. We manufacture and sell equipment used in the glass industry. Dynamic development of the company, the use of modern technologies and the best quality raw materials make our products meet the highest quality requirements.

Post-warranty service

We offer post-warranty service of machines purchased from us to individual customers and companies. In addition, we carry out the first start-ups and training of operators of our machines and equipment.

Transportation and installation

We provide transport of ordered elements, professional mechanical and electrical assembly along with start-up and training in operation. Newly manufactured devices have the required certificates.

Upgrading and modernization

In our rich offer there is also inspection, repair and modernization of currently used machines. Thanks to a large base of modern machines, we are able to dismantle the machine to the first parts, replace worn parts, renew the paint coating and reassemble, as well as start-up the machine.


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