Palletizers are used to palletize finished products and prepare a full pallet for foiling in a foil furnace. During the palletizing process, the products are transported in parallel and placed on the palletizer table in an appropriate quantity. Then the head of palletizer takes the prepared layer from the table and transfers the products onto a pallet, putting them into subsequent layers. The number of layers placed on the pallet depends on assortment manufactured at a given moment. The palletizer control system is able to remember several hundred types of products and packaging schemes. Thanks to this, when changing the production of a given assortment, the operator of palletizer is able to change the packaging system by means of a few simple changes in the control panel, adjusting the work of packaging machine to a specific product.

We produce pantograph and pole palletizers.

Our devices meet the necessary safety standards, are designed according to modern concepts and manufactured from the best raw materials, in accordance with European standards. In our offer there are also other high-quality machines. We invite you to see the remaining categories of our offer.

 Pantograph palletizer
  Pillar palletizer